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What is Back Scanning

Back scanning can be described as the scanning of documents that have been filed away and are no longer referred to frequently. Back scanning is used to convert your old documents into electronic images.

Here are some benefits of back-scanning;

  • Less physical storage space required
  • Electronic documents allows for quick and accurate search results
  • Creates back-ups of your documents and assist with disaster prevention

OutProsys offers back scanning and data capture services. The data capture service can be used to index the scanned documents and the digital information can integrate with you current document management system.

data capture

do what you do best, outsource the rest

Data Capture Outsourcing Benefits

Outsourcing your document processing and data capture needs to OutProsys has many benefits, we will list only 6 in this blog;

  1. Get access to Specialist knowledge and expertise
  2. Improve management of disputes and exceptions
  3. Decrease your overhead costs and improve profitability
  4. Remove upfront Capital Costs
  5. Enhance your disaster recovery planning
  6. Get access to unparalleled, real-time visibility

More benefits can be viewed on the OutProsys blog, along with articles like;

Document Processing: What is it and The Top Five Reasons to Outsource

data capture

do what you do best, outsource the rest

Web Portal Benefits

Web Portal, document management benefits

Four Benefits of our Web Portal;

  1. Search, view and download documents instantaneously
  2. Define and control user access to authorised jobs
  3. Maintain a full backup of your documents securely off-site
  4. All access is via a secure encrypted connection using https

We welcome you to test our Document Management Web Portal.

More Web Portal and Data Capture service benefits can be found at; https://www.outprosys.com/blog/

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do what you do best, outsource the rest